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Our DPM Doctors at Vital Podiatry provide exceptional foot care services and bunion surgery to patients. With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, we strive to help our patients achieve optimal foot health and overall.


Vital Podiatry and our Compassionate PodiatristS In Houston TX

Our podiatrists have years of education and have received intensive training in all foot and ankle ailments. We are a team that is skilled in the medical and surgical management of complex foot and ankle problems and will provide a comprehensive treatment plan for any foot problem that may arise with our patients. Our goal is to provide a holistic approach to podiatry which consists of home remedies, home therapy, medical management, and surgical management if necessary.

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Our experienced team of podiatrists and staff is committed to providing exceptional and comprehensive care as well as a patient-centric approach with customized treatment plans.


Vital Podiatry has practiced podiatry for 30 years, but his first experience with foot and ankle care came as a teenager, helping his father make orthotics at his own podiatry practice.


Vital Podiatry’s physical therapy and podiatry background allows for a more holistic approach to foot and ankle care. Though he doesn’t practice PT, he still relies on its concepts (and other conservative methods) for solving podiatric problems.


Vital Podiatry spends up to 30 minutes with patients during their initial visit. He’s committed to getting to know you and your goals, so he can recommend the treatment that’s right for you.


Our warm, friendly staff is interested in learning about your podiatric issues and answering your questions—and when you walk through the door, we’ll treat you like family.

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Our vision, mission, and philosophy at Vital Podiatry not only represent what we stand and strive for, but we also try to incorporate the principles into our day-to-day.

Personalized Patient care in Houston at vital podiatry


We are dedicated to delivering exceptional care to each and every patient, providing them with a comfortable and welcoming experience that is tailored to their unique needs.

Leading Foot and Ankle Care in Houston


Our Vision is to be the premier destination for foot and ankle care in the country. We strive to be recognized as leaders in our field, providing the best foot treatments.

Custom Foot Treatment Plans


We believe in taking a holistic approach to foot care, addressing not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of foot problems by providing personalized treatment plans.

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Our Doctor

Dr. Tai

Dr. Tai is a highly trained and experienced podiatrist who has been providing exceptional foot care to patients in the Houston area for several years. He is a proud Houstonian and currently resides in Spring, TX. Dr. Tai obtained his undergraduate degree in Business Management with a minor in Biology from the University of Houston. He then went on to complete his doctorate in Podiatric Medicine from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine.

After completing his education, Dr. Tai completed three years of surgical residency at UT Health in San Antonio and the South Texas Veterans Hospital. During his third year of residency, he served as Chief Resident, overseeing the training and education of junior residents. Dr. Tai has extensive training in all areas of podiatric medicine, including surgical and non-surgical treatment options. He is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to his patients and helping them achieve optimal foot health and overall wellness.

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We are very proud of the treatment we have given to our patients. Through the years, we have received many positive reviews. We implore you to browse through them to learn more about our care and services.

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Vital Podiatry did a wonderful job on diagnosing my issues in timely fashion. I was quickly taken in as a new patient and treated with respect.

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Testimonial about foot and ankle care services in vital podiatry


Vital Podiatry is very understanding and takes the time to explain all remedies and procedures. The front office staff and assistants are extremely nice and personable.

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The culture at every level is outstanding. From the excellent bedside manner during the physical examination to the post-operative care, the nursing care was amazing.

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