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Ankle fracture
Ankle fracture

What is AN

Ankle fracture?

Ankle fractures refer to breaks or fractures in one or more of the bones that make up the ankle joint. The ankle joint consists of three main bones: the tibia (shinbone), fibula (smaller bone in the lower leg), and talus (bone in the foot). An ankle fracture can involve any or all of these bones.

Ankle fractures can cause significant pain, swelling, bruising, and difficulty bearing weight on the affected ankle. Treatment for ankle fractures may involve immobilization with a cast or splint, realignment of the bones (reduction) if necessary, and in some cases, surgical intervention to stabilize the fracture with plates, screws, or pins.

What can cause ankle fractures?

Ankle fractures can be caused by various factors and situations, including:

The most common cause of ankle fractures is a traumatic event or injury. This can occur due to falls, sports-related accidents, motor vehicle collisions, or direct blows to the ankle joint. The forceful impact on the ankle can cause the bones to break or fracture.

Ankle fractures can also result from excessive twisting or rolling of the ankle joint. This often happens during activities that involve sudden changes in direction, uneven surfaces, or landing incorrectly from a jump. The twisting motion can put excessive stress on the bones, leading to fractures. Falling from a height or experiencing a significant impact while landing can also result in ankle fractures. This can occur in situations such as tripping on stairs, slipping on icy surfaces, or falling from a ladder or elevated platform.

Participating in high-impact sports or activities that involve rapid movements, jumping, or contact can also increase the risk of ankle fractures. Sports like basketball, soccer, football, and skateboarding are examples of activities where ankle fractures can occur due to the combination of force and sudden movements. Weakening of the bones due to conditions like osteoporosis can make them more susceptible to fractures. In individuals with osteoporosis, even a minor fall or twist can lead to an ankle fracture. Repeated stress on the ankle joint, such as in activities that involve repetitive impact or excessive load-bearing, can contribute to stress fractures. Stress fractures are hairline cracks in the bones and can occur over time due to overuse or repetitive strain on the ankle.

How to tell if you have an Ankle fracture?

Determining whether you have an ankle fracture requires a proper medical evaluation by a Podiatrist. However, there are some signs and symptoms that may indicate a potential ankle fracture. If you experience any of the following, it is important to seek medical attention for a thorough examination and diagnosis by a podiatrist.

Ankle Fracture Pain Relief at Vital Podiatry - Houston TX
Severe pain

An ankle fracture typically causes intense pain, especially when you try to move or put weight on the affected ankle. The pain may be constant, throbbing, or sharp.

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Swelling and bruising

Ankle fractures often result in significant swelling around the injured area. The ankle may appear swollen, puffy, or larger than usual. Bruising may also develop around the ankle, extending to the foot.

Reliable Ankle Fracture Care at Vital Podiatry - Houston TX
Inability to bear weight

An ankle fracture can make it difficult or impossible to bear weight on the injured ankle. Attempting to walk or put weight on the ankle may cause severe pain or a feeling of instability.

Ankle Deformity After Fracture - Vital Podiatry Houston
Deformity or misalignment

In some cases, an ankle fracture may cause a visible deformity or misalignment of the ankle joint. The ankle may look visibly out of place or have an abnormal shape compared to the uninjured ankle.

Improving Ankle Flexibility at Vital Podiatry - Houston TX
Limited range of motion

An ankle fracture can restrict the normal range of motion in the ankle joint. Movements such as flexing the foot upward (dorsiflexion) or pointing the toes downward (plantarflexion) may be significantly limited or extremely painful.

Treatment for ankle fractures in houston tx at vital podiatry

Treatment for

Ankle fractures IN HOUSTON TX at Vital Podiatry

At Vital Podiatry, a qualified podiatrist will conduct a thorough evaluation and personalized treatment plan for an ankle fracture. They will consider various factors to provide the most appropriate and effective treatment options for optimal recovery and long-term ankle health.

Initially, the podiatrist may recommend immobilizing the ankle to allow the bones to heal properly. This typically involves the use of a cast, splint, or walking boot to restrict movement and provide support to the injured ankle. In cases where the fracture results in misalignment or displacement of the bones, a podiatrist may perform a reduction procedure. This involves manipulating the bones back into their proper position, either manually (closed reduction) or surgically (open reduction).

Some ankle fractures require surgical intervention, especially if the fracture is severe, involves multiple bones, or is associated with ligament damage. Our podiatrists can perform procedures such as internal fixation, where the fractured bones are realigned and stabilized using screws, plates, or rods. We can also prescribe pain medications or recommend over-the-counter pain relievers to manage discomfort during the healing process. They may also utilize techniques like ice therapy or recommend specific exercises to help alleviate pain.

Our team of podiatrists closely monitors the progress of ankle fracture healing through regular follow-up appointments. They may order additional imaging tests, such as X-rays, to assess the healing process and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.

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Monitoring and Adjustments

Throughout the treatment, our doctors will monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed. This ensures that you get the best approach to healing your foot condition.

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