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Is your child unable to walk properly because of some incomprehensible reason? Does your child have any kind of pain or curved structure for their feet that may cause them difficulty in movement and activity? These may be a result of a foot or ankle problem.

Your feet play a significant role in providing support and structure for the body. A child’s feet essentially have the same function as any adult’s feet however the difference is between their formation. While an adult has fully developed bone structure a children’s feet are soft cartilage until the age of 15-18 years of age.


There are many different reasons that your child may develop a foot or ankle condition. Some are more natural and others are due to an injury, pressure, or external factors. In minor foot conditions, it is seen that children’s growth and development diminishes the foot problems they face as a child, however, this is not always the case. Some cases which require you to visit a podiatrist include

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If you have a child with an abnormal foot condition, you must begin self-inspection. Conditions such as flat feet, bunions pain, plantar fasciitis discomfort, and foot, back, knee, or hip pain are all conditions that a child can inherit. Therefore if either one of the parents has such a prevailing condition this can be inherited by their toddlers.

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Musculoskeletal problems in children are completely orthodox due to their developing bones and soft cartilage bones. A child can be at risk from the age of 13 or 15 which gives them countless opportunities to hurt, injure or over-exert their feet. The major concern for any of the foot conditions however is when they are left untreated or undiagnosed for longer periods. This can result in the problem spreading and worsening giving rise to more serious foot conditions in the future. 

This is why one should get podiatric help as soon as possible for their young children. Get proper care and attention through a specialist who can keep your children safe and protected.


– Warts

– Plantar fasciitis

– Ingrown toenails

– Flatfoot

– Sprains/Fracture/Dislocation of bone

– Achilles tendonitis

– Sever’s disease

Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus which can spread as a result of contact. It is extremely common in public places where people walk barefoot such as public pools, showers, gyms, and other areas. This virus infects a person as a result forming rough grainy growths. Treatment for warts is very important as it can worsen and cause bleeding and other more serious foot conditions.

Plantar fasciitis is tenderness at the bottom of the heel of your feet. This pain worsens during specific parts of the day and prevails when one stands or walks over long periods.

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Ingrown toenails occur due to many different reasons, some as minor as incorrect shaping or clipping your nails. This is a painful foot condition as the skin overgrows onto the nail bed or the nail protrudes out and into the adjacent skin.

Flatfoot is a serious condition. Whether it’s genetic or developed over time, flatfoot requires immediate attention. Treatment for flatfoot varies from adults to young children. Since children’s feet and bone formation are still under development our podiatrists may use specialized orthotics. These orthotics are gentle and comfortable for children to get used to while providing the support and treatment they require.

Foot injuries such as sprains, fractures, and dislocation of the foot are particularly common among children who are athletic, and enjoy sports and playing. Achilles tendonitis is yet another condition that causes inflammation of the foot due to the injury of the Achilles tendon behind the calves. These injuries can be treated quicker with proper care and do not require any special tools for treatment.

The sever’s disease also known as calcaneal apophysitis is the leading cause of heel pain among children. This condition occurs when the heel plate behind the foot causes pain and irritation.

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Any evident injury, pain soreness or inflammation is a clear indication that your child may have developed a foot condition. Before this condition worsens or causes infection it is beneficial to seek a professional podiatrist’s attention. There is no harm in going for a precautionary checkup regardless of how minor or major the foot condition is.

Another concerning factor is noticing the development of an inherited foot condition on your child. If you suspect that your child has inherited a foot condition you must notice a few symptoms. Firstly notice if the child is frequently avoiding activities they enjoy. Observe whether their activeness and productivity are reduced and can not catch up to their friends. Secondly, look out for your child tripping, falling, or being more clumsy among their peers. Lastly, the final symptoms are if your child avoids showing your foot or complains about pain, irritation, or tenderness in the foot.

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